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Simplicity in style is Kay's theme for fashion and photo shoot. She reaches out for the simplest of clothing and chooses places with a vintage view for her photo shoot. Here, she rocks her photo world with a beautiful combination of beauty and creativity. To view more of Kay's simplicity in style photos, follow her on Instagram.

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Kay is a short name for Kormassa, and I manage my Instagram account a Youtube channel. This week, I will be blogging about everyday life and other things that matter to people. To get the latest updates on issues of the week, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'll see you in my next blog post that you wouldn't want to miss.


By Boakai Golafale

On 3 September 2014, I came across a story posted on the FrontPage Africa website entitled “Carrier Doom- Senegal Raises Stake Over Ebola Transporters." The story is about the reaction of aggrieved government officials of Nigeria and Senegal who feel that their countries were infected by individuals who knew their EBOLA status but still chose to go abroad to infect others. Both are grim reminders of how Patrick Sawyer in Liberia and another Guinean student fled their countries to carry Ebola to countries before unaffected. It smacks of all the pains of betrayal, suspicion, anger, frustration and finger pointing. After reading this article, I am prompted in a similar fashion to bring the story to light about how a suspected Ebola patient now deceased was surreptitiously transported to a rural town in Cape Mount County thereby allegedly infecting more than 25 persons who are now awaiting the frightening and anxious result of a test to determine if they are Ebola p…

Report: Meat Producers Ignore Pleas For Health, Environmental Reform

Breaking the Silence-Blogging from Atlanta

I have had a wonderful two months in the city of Atlanta where I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in chemistry at Clark Atlanta University. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with a friendly environment here at Clark Atlanta University. The welcoming smiles that cover every face makes a new-comer believe that no problem exists in this part of the world. Hey, that is an illusion; there is problem everywhere. However, it's hard to notice that someone is going through a problem except when you are told. The smiles and friendly expressions probably cover everything! I assume this is the opposite in Liberia as expressions on the faces of many can tell that something is going wrong or right. I missed Liberia!
Well, I am only breaking the silence as I have been missing on the blogoshpere for exactly a year since I last Posted on my blog. However, I expect to continue my blogging experience with focus on academic and environmental issues. Environmentally, I have been mixed…

Afrique365 Radio: Welcome to Afrique365 RadioWe hope to build this s...

Afrique365 Radio: Welcome to Afrique365 RadioWe hope to build this s...: Welcome to Afrique365 Radio We hope to build this studio soon! But we can't do it alone, we need your support! Make your contribu...

The struggle for Dominance in Post-Conflict Liberia-Old Order Versus New Order

Part I By Saki Golafale: Liberia as a nation has endured multiple social, political and economic turbulences which have resulted from the recklessness of the egoistic political elites of the dominant “Old Order.” Characterized by the greed for power and wealth, the political elites have conspicuously survived and have continued to survive on the Country’s plentiful but yet unmanageable and cursed resources. The unflinching thirst for power and luxurious living in the midst of offensively abject poverty, has led many members of the “Old Order” to ruthlessly undermine peace, justice and the rule of law. From generation to generation since Liberia became a sovereign state, the cruel legacy of the “Old Order” has transcended and remained dominant on the social, economic, and political market squares of Liberia and has interfaced and in conflict with, what is now called “The New Order.” What do I mean by the phrase, “Old Order?" The Old Order is a social paradigm that espouses dom…