The investigation surrounding my flogging at a police station in monrovia started yesterday with the first witness testifying at the national police headquaters. It was quite interesting considering the professional manner in which the investigator{a Liberian}, tried to handle the case. Well, from the thorough investigation, I have the believe that one of them will be dismissed from the police force. I don't really want anyone to be dismissed because times are hard, and I do not want to take the blame.

Things that the police oficers were not to do to me, according to their boss include, flogging me, (not yet established), illegally detaining me, and taking my cellphone and footwear. It continues Monday. I am sure it will be more interesting as the commander who ordered my flogging will be testifying. The investigation, to me, is not only about finding someone guilty or someone being dismissed but also a learning process. There are a lot of good things the police officers and I will learn from this investigation.


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