Christmas Celebration in Monrovia- Social Immorality was the order of the Day

When I was much smaller, my parents always took me to worship service on Christmas day. But, since I got to know myself, Christmas celebration in Liberia has always been marked by a high degree of social immorality. The traditional way of celebrating Christmas is no more. Many teens get initiated or exposed to dangerous sex life, drunkenness, and harmful drug abuse.

Yesterday the streets of Monrovia were very busy. Beer clubs, beaches, and motels were all crowded with people mostly teens in search of aimless excitement. Many of them (teenage girls) made the wrong decisions by engaging in promiscuous acts, drunkenness, smoking, and taking harmful drugs. Some (teenage girls), I believe, were victims of gang raping as I witnessed an event wherein a young girl, highly intoxicated, was lying in a corner surrounded by a group of boys discussing on how and where to take her for their sexual satisfaction. I felt hurt and hated the idea but could not involve myself in the matter of drunkards and way-ward youths.

In Liberia, some young and old men do not regard teenage girls as being innocent to sex life. They get encouraged for little or nothing and go in bed with these heartless men.

Another event occurred on the main car road, in my community, wherein two groups were in face fight. Both sides threw bottles at each other. I could not stand to witness the event as I could have been one of the wounded victims.

Today, I feel sorry for our society and its youths as moral decadence has become the order of the day whenever there is a big holiday celebration. I wonder if there is a promising generation of Liberian youths to come. Liberia! Is it a failed State as one author wrote? I can't tell.

If eight of every ten young people in Liberia had spent the holiday like me, I strongly believe that these devilish attitudes would have occurred on a small scale. Christmas is for Christ loving people and should be celebrated in a Christ-like manner.


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Gene Brooks said…
Thanks for your blog. We used to live in Liberia in 2004. We miss it greatly. I visited Lofa in Nov 2007.
julie said…
thank you for taking a stand on the importance of morality. i have been to liberia and i am coming again shortly.
love your blog.
very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

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