My new work of poetry

In the Name of Liberty

In the name of liberty
They snapped away the chain of authority
Piercing a dagger into the breast of peace
And creating a state of anarchy and lawlessness

As they befriended good and evil
Both of which could not coexist
The heavens got offended
And all our blood stained pilots
Who could no longer find the compass
Plunged our society into disorder

In the name of liberty
The new order marched to town
Over skulls of red, white, and blue
Singing slogans that history still remembers
They reaped the seeds that were never sowed
And lived through a brief period of ill-gotten wealth
Then met their deserved and just fate

In the name of liberty
They wanted again to use our ignorance
To ascend to the throne
With hard hearts no one could see
Only God could direct our hands
To cast our votes for people of integrity

North, south, east, and west
Can someone tell me where they are?
While some have returned to the dust
Others are behind the iron curtain
And a few are begging on the capitol
To protect their blood-coated wealth
And hide their deeds already known

In the name of liberty
They have offended both God and humanity
But we leave them with posterity
we all welcome unity
Till the day will come prosperity


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