My New Year's Resolution

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, every dacade, every century, and every millennium, histories are made and challenges are set before mankind and the world experiences multiple changes. The year 2008 has been another year of history making and many challenges across our global community. The elections in the US, the Olympics in Beijin, the episode in Kenya, the Zimbabwe's dilemma, the current global recession and the current crisis in the Middle East among many others have been accredited to the year 2008.

Today, everyone, including myself, is making good resolutions in anticipation of a prosperous NEW YEAR (2009). For me, my resolution is based on certain basic reality of my individual existence, that is, to make proper use of time. I have always lived my the believe that time is my enemy, but I have come to realize that time is the best friend I have ever had. I have also come to realize that when ever I made such unreasonable claim concerning time's cruelty, it's either that I am not serious about doing an important thing or that I am lazy to handle certain significant task.

A few months ago, I came across a beautiful poem that spoke quietly to me about time. An excerpt of the proem written by Gina Laurine is here:

Today is yesterday's tomorrow
Make the most of it you can
Or soon the hour glass
Will be filled with sand

This poem speaks to my inner soul whenever I read it. It has the power to transform the life of any conscious being who reads it. Also, it appeals to the soul to make time an important factor of one's life. This poem has also made me not to forget my planned duty as a conscious being. I thing you need to consider this.

As the year 2009 brings new hopes, new courage, and new dreams, I am making this resolution with faith and determination, and I believe that I will discover my weaknesses and work on them gradually through God's mighty power. From now on, I have decided to cut down some of my activities including scrabble games, chess, and watching of football games or sitting doing nothing (you sit down for nothing, you get up for nothing). Though some of these activities have helped build my mental horizon, I do not realize any practical meaning they have added to my life.

To my many good friends and relatives, I would like to advise you all to make time a meaningful one in your lives; don't overlook seconds because seconds add up to make a minute; minutes make hour; hours make day; days make week; weeks make month; and so on until you realize that a whole year has gone while wasting your time nursing grudges from out of the past or just blowing bubbles.

Time says he's our friend; enjoy your wonderful life with him in discovering your potentials and realizing your importance in your society. I wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I LOVE you all! Be yourself and don't make decisions when you're mad as the song writer says. We can make a very significant diference in Liberia and the world at large only if we manage our TIME and RESOURCES( I didn't mention in previous paragraghs). Bye to the year 2008! I'll miss it; the wonderful and deadly memories across the world.


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