Saki is Back to the Bloggosphere!

I have been in the midst of many things and working and schooling at the same time. Since last year, I haven't been blogging on my personal blog and Ceasefire Liberia which I had used to get my stories and personal experiences to the outside world. However, I AM BACK! After graduating from college last year, i had to find a job, plan for graduate studies and work on other personal agandas. For these, I had to abandon the bloggosphere and a lot of things that connected me to people, places and events. Interestingly, I will be blogging from the eastern part of Monrovia, where i am originally from but i stayed away for five years in Paynesville City which is on the north of Monvovia. After five years of my stay in paynesville, I was able to link my social and professional life to the outside world through blogging, grassroot community actions, academic promotion and many more. I salute everyone who may have contributed to my stay in Paynesville. Memories will continue to live on especially the shared experiences during the 2011 elections period and the days of WOCYMES. I am back to the bloggosphere as a physically, emotionally and professionally changed man with experiences in promoting education, environmental advocacy and campaign, health promotion and politics. My social life should not be questioned as i am an atom of an omnipresent social molecule. Blogging controls part of my life, so let's get started again! Let me say thanks to Shelby Grossman and Ruthie Arkerman, founder of Ceasefire Liberia for inspiring me. Hats-off to you all!


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