The struggle for Dominance in Post-Conflict Liberia-Old Order Versus New Order

Part I By Saki Golafale: Liberia as a nation has endured multiple social, political and economic turbulences which have resulted from the recklessness of the egoistic political elites of the dominant “Old Order.” Characterized by the greed for power and wealth, the political elites have conspicuously survived and have continued to survive on the Country’s plentiful but yet unmanageable and cursed resources. The unflinching thirst for power and luxurious living in the midst of offensively abject poverty, has led many members of the “Old Order” to ruthlessly undermine peace, justice and the rule of law. From generation to generation since Liberia became a sovereign state, the cruel legacy of the “Old Order” has transcended and remained dominant on the social, economic, and political market squares of Liberia and has interfaced and in conflict with, what is now called “The New Order.” What do I mean by the phrase, “Old Order?" The Old Order is a social paradigm that espouses dominance in economic and political decision making with gross disregard to the statutes of democratic norms. Such social paradigm has survived because sons and daughters of the political elites of Liberia have indoctrinated their sons and daughters and those pitiful low class individuals who have unfortunately climbed the social ladder based on sympathy. The Old Order had emphasized on economic growth and development but sadly focusing on short term or immediate prosperity and at the same time encouraging conspicuous consumption without plans for future generation. Today Liberia is fortunately old [165 years] but unfortunately underdeveloped or probable 165 years behind modernity. On the contrary, the New Order has come to decentralize economic and political decision making and encourage cooperation and partnership among citizenry with due regard to sustainable economic and political future of the society. The New Order has come to foster freedom of speech and association and the rights of women and children and the disabled community; and at the same time advocating for sustainable use of natural resources and avoiding damage to the ecosystem and endangered species. In short, the New Order, I think, is the only prescribed paradigm for building a sustainable society vis-Ă -vis Liberia.


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