Breaking the Silence-Blogging from Atlanta

I have had a wonderful two months in the city of Atlanta where I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in chemistry at Clark Atlanta University. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with a friendly environment here at Clark Atlanta University. The welcoming smiles that cover every face makes a new-comer believe that no problem exists in this part of the world. Hey, that is an illusion; there is problem everywhere. However, it's hard to notice that someone is going through a problem except when you are told. The smiles and friendly expressions probably cover everything! I assume this is the opposite in Liberia as expressions on the faces of many can tell that something is going wrong or right. I missed Liberia!

Well, I am only breaking the silence as I have been missing on the blogoshpere for exactly a year since I last Posted on my blog. However, I expect to continue my blogging experience with focus on academic and environmental issues. Environmentally, I have been mixed with the current global issues-climate change, pollution and the rest. I recently attended the Power Shift conference in Pittsburgh, where about 10,000 people from across the United states converged to exchange views, learn new approaches and stand up against environmental injustices. Fortunately for me I had a short blog post while at the Power Shift conference!

Blog readers here I come again!


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