Africa Mercy, Bringing Hope and Healing....

Our class; I am standing fourth from right

Africa Mercy Ship at the Dock of Monrovia

I had the opportunity to visit the Africa Mercy Valletta today through a friend and instructor, Carlos Amaral, who offered a three week lecture course in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Liberia। The visit was mainly intended to introduce us (Students) to medical instrumentation, and to evaluate us based on what we've learned over the past weeks about biomedical engineering। My coleagues and I had a fine time with some crew members , especially those in the medical department.
Mercy Ships, through Carlos decided to offer this course as a way of encouraging students to find interest in the field because, according to him, Liberia has only one biomedical engineer who is aging, and the gap needs to be filled. But unfortunately for us, no university or technical college here is offering degrees in said field.
Africa Mercy has been highly involved in Liberia's post war recovery process for the last two years by offering humanitarian assistance to many Liberians in areas such as health care, education, community empowerment, construction, agriculture, etc.
I wish to be one of its crew members in the future.


julie said…
when i was in liberia in March i was able to tour the Mercy Ship too. they do awesome work and it would be really cool if you were a crew member someday! i will have to keep watching to see. keep up the good work on your blog!
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