Dangerous Roads versus Dangerous Drivers

The scene was like a Hollywood movie. This incident occured on the Monrovia-Ganta Highway on last Sunday, June 29 while on my way from the Cuttington University's graduation ceremony which was held in Swakoko, Bong County, north of Liberia. The car in the picture belongs to a humanitarian group named Rehab Liberia.
Yes, the roads are wet and slippery because Liberia is experiencing lots of rain this year. However, nobody got killed or badly injured. It was not by anybody's smartness, but by the will of GOD.
If you're visiting Liberia and would love to drive on our narrow and slippery roads, please exercise good driving habits. IF YOU DRINK[ALCOHOL], DON'T DRIVE or IF YOU DRIVE, DON'T DRINK [ALCOHOL].


Anonymous said…
Good blog. Keep blogging from Liberia. My name is Bill, and I'll get in touch with you when I visit Liberia in September.

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